a Team for Everyone

Welcome to our Ducks Sled Hockey Family!  With youth and adult teams ranging from recreational to elite, we have a team for everyone. We are proud to offer a trusted, inclusive, and uplifting team environment where all players can reach their fullest potential on and off the ice.  

Youth Team

Our Jr Ducks youth team is for ages 5-17 and are non-checking.  Both recreational and competitive players practice together in a fun environment with games to develop individual and team skills.




Recreational youth players have weekly practices and are invited to participate in clinics, camps, and local scrimmages and games.  There are no travel or competition obligations.


James W

Competitive youth players have the same weekly practices and local clinics, camps, scrimmages, and games as the recreational players.  They also enjoy the excitement of games and tournaments and see greater skill development through increased game time.  Our competitive players choose 3-5 tournaments to attend during the winter season.

“I never thought my son could do this, now he’s coming out of his shell in school too.”

-Parent of a youth player with a spinal cord injury

“I love it, I love playing with all the guys and skating fast to fight for the puck. I fly.”

-Youth player with Cerebral palsy

Adult Teams

Our Ducks adult teams do not have an age requirement, however players 17 and younger must have parent and coach approval since these teams are full check.  


San Diego Ducks B

Jenn Skating

San Diego Ducks B adult players range from recreational to beginner/intermediate competitive players.  They practice weekly, attend local clinics, camps, scrimmages, and games, and may choose to travel to 3-5 tournaments during the winters season.  


San Diego Ducks A

Aaron action

San Diego Ducks A players are intermediate to advanced competitive players.  They have the same weekly practices and local clinics, camps, scrimmages, and games as the Ducks B players.  They also travel to 5 tournaments across the country to compete against some of the top teams in the nation, and are often invited to elite national camps and tryouts.  

"When I'm on the ice, I'm no longer disabled - I'm a hockey player!"

-Physically disabled Marine Corps veteran

“It’s what I need. All those guys in the locker room are helping me every single day. Now it’s a part of my life.”

-USMC veteran bilateral amputee

"I think that if you are handicapped in any way you feel like you cannot try things, cannot do things. When you move faster than you normally do in the day to day life dealing with the disability you have, it is the most awesome feeling to move faster."

-Bilateral amputee

“I was able to reduce my medications, lose weight, and reunite with family and friends from across the country.”

-US Army veteran with various combat injuries

“A lot of military guys get injured, and end up in situations where you’re used to an active lifestyle but then you get injured and all that goes away. That leads to depression, PTSD, and all sorts of stuff. Just having hockey, as a means to escape—just being on the ice, you forget about everything else. It’s therapeutic, both physically and mentally.”

-USMC veteran bilateral amputee

“When your life revolves around a wheelchair and you can get in something that’s lower, you can fly. It’s liberating.”

-USMC veteran bilateral amputee

“Now I’ve found something I see myself playing for a really long time because it consists of my upper body, not my lower. This sport keeps me going, keeps me active and my mind set on bigger things.”

-Player with various medical disabilities

“It keeps me focused, in touch with who I am and who I’m going to be.”

-USMC veteran with various combat injuries

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